Membership funnels within ClickFunnels lets you lock areas of your members’ area, dependent on what your customers bought, and drip them them according to exactly what they signed for. Best Membership Sites

ClickFunnels allows you to not only build a sales funnel, but also to have the ability to deliver your product or training program.

Including membership access pages, the content pages, and the enrollment pages and trickle fed based in their own purchases. This is really a sponsored and protected membership web site where you’re going to be able to take care of your members, send out notifications, and also build a community of members by offering access to your product or service to them.

This is definitely an incredible characteristics that eliminates all the frustrations related to configuring and managing a membership site using WordPress and other similar platforms, Your membership website is customizable {allow you to design the appearance and feel however you would like.


How To Create A ClickFunnels Membership Website


  • Your First Membership Funnel

To make your very first membership funnel, click “Build funnel” on Top of ClickFunnels dashboard.


Once you simply click on build funnel, a pop up will show up and ask you what do you really wish to build and you can just close this.


Once you close the pop-up, find a Membership Funnel and then click select funnel.



  • Select the Template You Want

Now after you just click on “Select Funnel” you will be directed to this specific page, and then scroll down to choose the FREE templates that ClickFunnels present and click “Get Funnel”.


For this tutorial, I Am Picking out LUMINOS template


And once you just click on “Get Funnel” the funnel template will be loaded immediately into a own accounts and you’re going to be directed right to the funnel editor.


  • Name the Funnel

To personalize the funnel name, domain and set it into your particular group, simply click on the settings tab to your funnel editor.


You will need to provide a name for your reference After you make a funnel, and it’s always best to give a group tag. Group Tags help maintain your funnels organized.


  • Edit the Appearance and Content of Your Templates with the Editor

Open every page in the editor as soon as you’ve chosen your templates. Keep in mind that these templates have a dynamic component which will add classes you will add in articles and the next step for places sections.


  • Insert Outlook Sections and Lessons

Click on the Insert New Lesson Section, once you’ve got your design setup. As soon as you have got the segments, click Insert New Lesson to deliver the content to your member’s area. Best Membership Sites


  • Name Your Lesson Section and Optionally Limit Content Access

Let us say you have two tiers of product or service, a Premium and Standard membership. You will need to give availability to those who have purchased the Premium product or service in the membership funnel you have made and limited to people who haven’t upgraded or bought the Premium.


  • Name Your Lessons

First select what component, when you place to a lesson. Then select which templates you wish to you use. For nearly all your posts, you may choose Video Lesson to your template. And last, you can choose when you would like this content to become available for your nearest and dearest, either immediately, or after a particular number of times out of when they signed up (trickle delay).


  • Edit Your Lesson Content

You may click to every lesson Open Editor, the moment you have added the classes. Like the editor, you can add and remove elements.

The major step is to find a market to fulfill or a demand, or a difficulty. Make sure your solution keeps your manhood base coming back for more and provides value.

Make sure to are the top service provider in your specialty, your content is easy to absorb and also the membership site. It is very important to make your clients “raving fans”.

To do so, clearly, illustrate the benefits of using your response, provide the best customer support possible and keep in mind that the customer is the lifeblood of your business.

I suggest you checkout the tutorial video below if you are unclear about this brief tutorial, introduced by ClickFunnels’ #1 Affiliate Spencer Mecham about the best way to create a membership website using ClickFunnels. Best Membership Sites



6 Reasons Why You Need to have a membership site In ClickFunnels

  1. Membership Sites can create a reliable and consistent stream of revenue.
  2. Membership Sites are among the best strategies to execute marketing strategies.
  3. Membership Sites are fairly simple to set up.
  4. You can grow your website and Membership Base by employing social media and web 2.0 technologies.
  5. Membership Websites allow you to discuss your valuable content yet minimize people from easily stealing it.
  6. Membership Websites are simple to maintain.

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