I’m pretty sure you are here because you’re searching for a software tool that’ll help you sell your products, and enhance your sales process and develop your enterprise.

To start with The intention of having a landing page will be to gain in the consumer data in exchange for a special offer or discount.

You can later utilize this user info nurture and to raise your prospects and encourage action to be taken by them. It’s only a easy take and gives thought. You give your clients an advantage and they give you some of the info back.

In accordance with advertisements analytics, a good landing page balances to 13.28 % of conversion prices and though the amount may be higher, it implies possible here.


ClickFunnels VS LeadPages

ClickFunnels and Leadpages are equally software which could help you earn more cash from the visitors and generate more high-quality leads.

They’re also rather different applications while both share some common features.

ClickFunnels is all-in-one sales funnel software that allows you to manage everything from direct opt-in page to an entire sales funnel , whereas Leadpages is a specially made just to get a landing page software.

Below, we have compared ClickFunnels and Leadpages to showcase their similarities, in addition to the many differences between both of these online marketing and advertising software.

If you are looking for a good sales funnel software, keep reading to find out which one is appropriate for you.



ClickFunnels and Leadpages have a lot of features in common, but they also possess an assortment of qualities which are unique to this application. Both make it easy to create great landing pages, collect names and email addresses and follow up through email advertising. Best Online Marketing Tools For Small Business

The distinction between the two software is this one:

  • ClickFunnels is a all-in-one sales funnel program which lets you create landing pages, send email autoresponders, procedure sales, and host events from inside one program.
  • Leadpages is a dedicated landing page application that makes it easy for you to design conversion optimized landing pages and direct capture forms.

Now let’s break down every every attribute that both Possesses and compare them



Leadpages is a distinguishing landing page building tool that works in a drag and drop format. Leadpages system links with ESPs (Mail Service Providers) to get leads and support the nurturing phase of those prospects. It’s quite easy to use to obtain a newcomer and does not need any coding fluency.

This is also a listing of its attributes:

  • A drop and drag menu which permits customization of elements like text, images, and buttons.
  • A vast array of mobile-friendly templates to use.
  • An A/B variant testing option to see which variant performs better.
  • Straightforward implementation with applications programs like CRM, email lists, and even Webinar platforms.
  • Performance Analytics
  • Easy WordPress plugin integration
  • SEO-optimized landing pages
  • A good amount of default templates
  • Works with all significant ESPs (E-mail Service Provider/E-Mail Autoresponder) like MailChimp, Aweber, and Infusionsoft.
  • Enables the inclusion of a timer to promote subscription Costs that are faster
  • For creating your landing page an multimedia experience, incorporated video fields.

Overall, assist obtain leads and the role of employing this tool is to create a landing page readily –it does not send mails by itself or alternative measures that you need tools to create.

You can use it to advertise a new deal, host a webinar, create a page form or acquire email leads through SMS. Best Online Marketing Tools For Small Business

Furthermore, you can produce a media that is societal worthy thank you page in minutes, just like Powtoon didn’t market activity out of its B2B leads.

The program enables simple integration of e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Interspire as well as email campaigns and compatibility with digital advertising platforms like Facebook and Google Adwords.

In regards to pricing, Leadpages fundamental package for starters prices $25/month whereas the pro package costs $49/month together with the agency package is $199/month.



Although ClickFunnels is not an exclusive landing page tool, their sales funnel system might also be employed to build exceptional landing pages in minutes, using a wide range of customizable templates.

As its name suggests, ClickFunnels also includes more features that go beyond a landing page that enable you to organize your whole sales funnel strategy.

You can make webpages and webinar registration webpages or arrange the billing component if you wish.

Clickfunnels major attributes:

  • Simple drag and drop editing of pages
  • Integrated landing page software
  • A/B version testing tool
  • Email Automated reply Program
  • Website hosting
  • a Wide Selection of templates
  • Sale funnel tools Which Are include a Range of good templates.
  • Transformation track stats
  • Membership Site
  • Opt-ins
  • Training webinars and programs
  • Text messaging steps

ClickFunnels makes it effortless for novices to kickstart their webpage and sales funnel journey that’s nurturing.

When you combine the platform the foremost and first step is to decide on a proper sales funnel out of 6 options.

ClickFunnels makes it effortless for novices or anybody to kickstart their webpage and sales funnel nurturing travel.

The step when you join ClickFunnels is to pick a proper sales funnel from 6 options that are ready. Best Online Marketing Tools For Small Business

You will then drag and drop your message and then personalize it by dragging and dropping elements as you desire, The third option involves establishing your following actions patterns e.g emailing and texts and also the last step is to start your funnel.

Pricing wise, the Startup Plan is appreciated at $97/month and features a 14-day trial. The package includes 100 pages to choose from, 20 sales funnels, and 20K visitors a month as well as simple link with shopping cart and billing CRMs and the Etison Suite program, which will be their package plan price $297/month. Etison suite program covers each the features on the Startup Plan, moreover, you’ve got infinite traffic a month, unlimited funnels and accessibility to their own email automation platform (Actionetics) and Backpack their affiliate application builder.



If we examine all of the features and aspects of the above platforms, we’ll see that ClickFunnels is significantly more extensive and useful since it is more than just a landing page builder.

Leadpages‘ main focus is simply for building landing pages nothing more.

While Leadpages seems like a cheaper option, ClickFunnels offers much more value to the web proprietor and entrepreneurs as it’s sale funnels features not seen in other programs.

In the end, you are getting value by utilizing Clickfunnels and its price is well worth it considering its feature list.

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