It may be bothersome getting your “advertising stack” to perform fine when all you need to do is focus on building a high converting sales funnel that may provide you a ROI.ClickFunnels Shipstation Integration

That is why ClickFunnels were proud to announce the official integration using Zapier across the total ClickFunnels platform!


What’s Zapier?ClickFunnels Shipstation Integration

Zapier is your “in between” instrument that works to connect your digital tools and make them play nice with each other. Zapier integrates with over 500 other internet applications (a massive volume!) . Zapier is perfect for connecting your internet software and automating your workflows so that you can focus on the important work (and eliminate the guide “fluff” on your business).

I’m confident that you’ve experienced working with a couple of tools that are fantastic, only to understand that you can not integrate them with anything! Well, Zapier made sure this problem was managed and have brought together a great solution.


Why ClickFunnels Integrates With Zapier?

ClickFunnels has now officially integrated with Zapier to give you total flexibility with your sales funnel. What this means is it’s opened up the floodgates to plenty of integrations which ClickFunnels hasn’t incorporated with yet so it is possible to begin building a sales funnel without any hassles.

Therefore, while ClickFunnels do not officially integrate directly with programs like Trello you finally have access to them via the Zapier platform.

Here’s the Listing of the platform Which Could Be integrated into ClickFunnels via Zapier:

And the list goes on, you can see more of the platform here…


So what kind of task can you produce with zapier?

Good question, here is an example of how you can use zapier using ClickFunnels:

  • Send Gmail messages when new contacts have been added to ClickFunnels
  • Add new ClickFunnels orders to Google SheetsInsert or upgrade ActiveCampaign contacts from new action in ClickFunnels contacts
  • Create or update Infusionsoft contacts with fresh contact activity on ClickFunnels
  • Subscribe or update new ClickFunnels contacts into a Burst SMS list
  • Enroll new users in Teachable when they make a purchase through your ClickFunnels
  • Create Asana tasks from ClickFunnel purchases
  • Send Call Loop SMS messages into fresh ClickFunnels clients

And there is so much more of what can you do using zapier, you may see the full listing here.


What Are Some Typical Use Cases?

So when it comes to building out a sales funnel ClickFunnels, you’ve got the ability to build any sort of funnel you heart desires.

But just to show you the energy of this integration, here are 3 distinct approaches that you may utilize Zapier and ClickFunnels to create some magic in your business!

  • Supporting Your Sales Team With Leads and Effective Follow Up

Let’s say you are building a top ticket funnel (you are looking to sell people into a top priced program) which requires you to get on the phone with your lead. Initially you may find yourself forcing a traffic source for example Facebook Ads into your Optin page built in ClickFunnels, which then stores your contact’s information. After this is done, your integration with Zapier can then send your lead’s data to SalesForce (among many CRMs supported by Zapier) wherever your sales team will be notified of their new contact being added to your own workflow.

On the thank you page of this opt in page, you’ll also have the ability to request the lead’s mobile number, once this is done, you may use Zapier to zap CallLoop to send which contact a recorded message thanking them for applying to your 1 on 1 appointment or plan session. This creates some fantastic rapport with your potential client ahead of getting on the telephone. ClickFunnels Shipstation Integration

You can even send them an SMS and Email follow up ahead of your consultation time in order that they’re reminded about the call as well as building excitement. All these measures increase involvement with your potential client and lead to high conversions on your sales funnel.


Sending Orders To Your Fulfillment House and Email Notification

If you are a seller of physical goods, you’re going to be very familiar with the common issue of needing to manually send client’s purchase data from ClickFunnels to your fulfillment warehouse. Typically you’d need to go in yourself or provide access to your account so they could go in there and do it for you (not exactly ideal!) . Now with our Zapier integration, you can zap your data across to some Google Sheet so that it produces a new row for every purchase made that you can share with your fulfillment warehouse.

This means that you no longer need to be concerned about providing them access to some part of your ClickFunnels surgeries or look at hiring a helper to manage the process. Taking this 1 step farther, after that you can make the logic so when your fulfillment house has sent the orders as requested, you automatically get an email notification dependent on the activities which have taken place in the Google Sheet. ClickFunnels Shipstation Integration

This is a really simple and compact way to handle operations of your physical products.


Building Out Funnels For Your Shopify Products

Do you run a Shopify store? Perhaps you’ve wanted ClickFunnels needed an integration with it? Nicely with Zapier we do! One of the most effective tactics to market your products from an eCommerce shop is utilizing sales funnels (but you already know that) however until today it’s been very tricky to sell products from the eCommerce store and link it using Shopify.

Now, you can set up an entire sales funnel in ClickFunnels from one (or more) of your products, then if product has been purchased, you can create a new customer in Shopify to reflect that buy.

This is a rather first in the business and now that a bridge was created involving eCommerce and sales funnels right, it opens up the doors to some great innovations. ClickFunnels Shipstation Integration

What Does This Mean For You?

We know what it implies for us (we are super excited leaping off our chairs) but for youpersonally, this opens up 1,000+ new doors. With Zapier’s extensive integrations list, you’ll now be able to automate and make a highly operational sales funnel like never before. With competitors lagging behind, ClickFunnels is steam rolling ahead allowing you to build funnels without having to worry about technical difficulties…because nobody likes these right?

So take a while to experience the listing of integrations in Zapier and begin mapping out your next sales funnel. ClickFunnels Shipstation Integration

Watch the video below to find how the integration set-up


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