Looking to build a high-converting E-commerce sales funnel using ClickFunnels? The template with this page was utilized to send tens of thousands of physical products across a number of unique markets. It works nicely for any kind of E-commerce offer. Ecommerce Sales Funnel Optimization

So it doesn’t matter if you’re selling at full retail cost, boosting bundles/discount deals or running a “free plus shipping” campaign. This funnel template has been utilized successfully in all those situations.Ecommerce Sales Funnel Optimization

You can see the Demonstration of This funnel template here, and if you Prefer copy it at No Cost into your ClickFunnels account:

Make sure that you watch the video walkthrough below to describe the details of how the funnel functions and what is included, but the basic structure looks like this…


Email Opt-In Ecommerce Sales Funnel Optimization

The landing page gathers a users email address so they can proceed to the next page, which is the cart. You can easily disable the email optin and permit people to simply click through to the cart, however we recommend keeping it in position. Having this measure permits you to build a massive list regardless of whether individuals purchase or not.


The Cart

On this particular page, people choose the number of products they wish to buy. We ALWAYS promote offering multiple amounts, with discounted pricing when people buy more. This considerably increases the average order value of any e-commerce funnel… letting you spend more per client on ads and scale your campaigns aggressively. This shopping cart page was heavily tested. We see it convert up to 40 percent in some markets. How we set things up in the demo also means that most people will actually buy more than one item. Ecommerce Sales Funnel Optimization


First Up-Sell

Here you are able to sell people more of what they simply purchased on the cart page (this works great!) Or offer a complimentary product. Click buying means that the conversion prices on this up-step can be fantastic if the item is attractive.


Secondly Up-Sell

By this point people are in the buying mood, so why don’t you offer them more things? Maintain the product offered here relevant to what’s been purchased already and you’re going to see good success.


Third Up-Sell

1 Final chance to get the Most review from each customer and really inflate those typical order values*

*Note: Up-sell steps can be added or removed as you please. You can choose to have either more or fewer up-sell measures than we include in this funnel.


Order Confirmation Page

A wonderful summary of what the customer has bought throughout all of the funnel stages. Additionally, use this webpage to set expectations about delivery times and customer service contact factors.

You can copy this Specific E-commerce funnel to your ClickFunnels account or View a live Presentation using this link:

If you do not already have a ClickFunnels accounts then the link will enable you to produce a free 14-day trial so that you’re able to play around with the funnel, personalize it and begin making sales with it straight away.

Make sure to watch the video walk-through below to find the funnel in action with a few dummy products, and see just how easy it is to customize for your brand. Ecommerce Sales Funnel Optimization


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