Most knowledgeable entrepreneurs, today, strove to “think outside the box” to find a better or more economical method of communicating and advertisements to their own crowds. Email Marketing Platform Meaning

That includes all the brand newest choices to social media advertisements, live streaming or live videos, etc.

But some times, within our desire to maintain with the escalating progress in technology, we have a tendency to neglect what’s tried and tested and obviously still thriving with it’s own growing advances.

What’s this tried and tested strategy?

This is none apart from email marketing.

Yes, email advertising isn’t dead, and it would not be.

But the thing is, email still remains one of the most significant and best mediums for advertising and sales communications.

While email marketing is still a highly effective advertising tool, the simple fact of the matter is that the rivalry is growing, and that’s the wide range of tools that make the process of advertising effective and more efficient. 

This is really where ClickFunnels Actionetics comes in handy.Email Marketing Platform Meaning


Now, What’s Actionetics?Email Marketing Platform Meaning

ClickFunnels Actionetics 2019 Review


Actionetics Is Currently ClickFunnels’ marketing automation platform Which Incorporates with your sales funnel to Offer them Lively automation actions .

Actionetics boasts not only of their capacity to make and deliver autoresponder e mails, but is sensible enough in order to become in a position to faucet, respond and behave primarily centered on action funnels setup.


What Exactly Can Actionetics Do For You?

With the use of Actionetics as your own advertising and marketing automation tool, then you will get yourself a seamless connection between your marketing and sales communications together with your own funnels.

Imagine not having to register to additional email automation services that will, in turn, enable you to remove intimidating tasks like importing contacts collected by the funnels to your 3rd party email application, devoting your email lists individually, or trying to incorporate your 3rd party application to your sales funnel tool.

These tasks cuts your efficacy and time at half, A time you can appropriate to more pressing and significant marketing and sales procedures.

What makes Actionetics amazing is that this can work flawlessly with ClickFunnels since this is a built-in platform.

It means that entrepreneurs will be getting the chance to eliminate the remainder of the marketing automation tools and just update their subscription in ClickFunnels for Actionetics as well as all of the wonderful features that include it.

Why is being integrated with ClickFunnels good?

Well, consider having the ability to communicate and participate with your prospects and clients through your pages and funnels all in the same time. It’s possible to take your involvement with your client to a whole new level.

However, Actionetics is entirely tied to ClickFunnels. That means you can’t use it to create forms that can embed into your WordPress website. Plus it won’t work with your favorite lead generation software such as Thrive Leads or OptinMonster.

So it works using the sales funnels you produce with ClickFunnels.

In addition, it requires you to integrate with a separate SMTP support to actually send emails out. This has both its benefits and disadvantages which I’ll detail later.


Features of ActioneticsEmail Marketing Platform Meaning


  • Automatic email segmentation with Smart Lists

Actionetics enables you to build mailing lists like almost every other email services. However one unique feature of Actionetics is that your capacity to produce Smart Lists. To generate one, you simply should turn on the’Smart Lists’ option when making an Email List.

A Smart List will automatically add or remove contacts from an email list, based on a set of rules that you define. There are a lot of rules to pick from and you’ll be able to mix and match them together to build a rule group. And these are a few instance of the rules:

  • Contact Rules – fit a contact by Action Score, tags, along with any contact areas like name, email, etc..
  • Funnel Rules – fit with a contact that visits a specific step on your funnels.
  • Product Rules – fit with a contact who purchased a particular item.
  • Email Step Rules – match a contact who opened a specific email on your funnel.

Using these rules, you could execute lots of your own email segmentation automatically, which can be a enormous timesaver!

Here are some types of Smart Lists that people created.

  • Have one list of highly engaged contacts and a list of lower participated contacts by utilizing Action score.
  • Create a list of VIP buyers from people who’ve bought a particular services and products.
  • Have a list of people who’ve chosen into the sales funnel and have not purchased yet.


  • Unlimited Contacts

Most email services have a pricing structure that climbs up with the more contacts that you have. By way of instance, ActiveCampaign can cost you $399 a month in their Plus plan once you hit 25,000 contacts. Ontraport strikes $297 a month once you hit on 10,000 contacts. Of course, if you grow your list much larger than that?

The bill for your service can easily reach thousands of dollars each month.

While Actionetics, can appear costly at first glance, one nice thing it enables you to incorporate unlimited contacts to your accounts. So it is possible to scale your marketing up just as much as you would like, and your cost remains steady, This implies more profits in your pocket.


  • User Interface and Support

Actionetics’ boasts of a user friendly User Interface (UI) that even beginners will find it easy to use.

Unlike some other programs in the business….

Users who aren’t tech savvy will still find Actionetics a walk in the park with all the ClickFunnels’ useful manuals and their service is always on standby to answer any queries.

One of the greatest parts of Actionetics is that the power in its simplicity. Having the capability to build complex automations in Actionetics whilst also being able to find out the system quickly and easily.


  • Flexible Action Funnels

Action Funnels are Actionetics method of creating automations, They contain a series of steps, at which you can send an email or perform an action.

What’s interesting will be what you can perform. Actionetics allows you to integrate with an assortment of third party solutions, including Facebook, Twilio or even Shopify.

This allows you to:

  • Insert contacts in Actionetics to a FB custom audience therefore it’s possible to retarget them later with ads via the Facebook integration.
  • Send SMS messages with the Twilio integration.
  • Send product purchase info to a Shopify store for product fulfillment via the Shopify or Shipstation integration.

All really cool stuff as ClickFunnels adds Actionetics and more integrations, you will have the ability to create more effective advertising automations. Email Marketing Platform Meaning


  • Flexible Email Delivery

Another difference between Actionetics along with email services is that it does not directly send emails itself. Instead, it relies on a different SMTP service to do so.

As you initially might see this as a drawback, I really see this as an advantage as it gives you additional flexibility.

To begin with, this usually means you will not be restricted to the type of email marketing you can do by your email service. Some email services such as ActiveCampaign and MailChimp doesn’t like when individuals doing Affiliate Marketing kind emails. But because you are using your own SMTP assistance, this is not a issue.

Second, this can allow you to stay away from deliver-ability issues. With an email service such as ConvertKit, you are sharing a SMTP support (Mailgun in this case ) with their other customers. If some of them are doing terrible things by using their email advertising, it may impact your deliver-ability.

This will not happen if you use your own SMTP assistance, but you can swap your entire SMTP service with a different and get going again if for some reason your emails do get blocked.


How Can Actionetics Help Your Business?Email Marketing Platform Meaning

From the above points, it is quite evident that Actionetics is set to revolutionize your internet enterprise.

The key benefit is that it will help to increase your profits steadily, and additionally, it allows you to organize your business for more success.

As the marketing industry moves increasingly more towards segmentation, Actionetics is the complete choice.

If you wish to learn more about all the characteristics of Actionetics, I suggest that you check this ClickFunnels Actionetics Guide.

Or you could watch the video below to get insights.


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