Most internet marketers today tried to think beyond the box in order to find the new or fresher method of communicating and marketing for their own audiences.

That includes all the new options on live streaming, Social media advertisements or live videos, etc…

However, in our desire to keep up with the advances in technology, we tend to neglect the method that has been tried and tested and remains thriving with its rising advances.

What’s method tried and tested? Email Marketing Software Open Rates

This is none other than email marketing.

Yes, email advertising isn’t dead, and it wouldn’t be.

And as we’re aware that there are a lot more intriguing strategies to market your product than just email.

However, the thing is, email remains to be one of the mediums for both marketing and sales communications.

But even though email marketing remains to be a highly effective instrument for marketing, there is growing competition.

Fantastic thing that there are plenty of tools which may produce the email marketing process simpler and productive.

This is where ClickFunnels Actionetics comes in handy.



Now, What Is Actionetics?

Actionetics is currently ClickFunnels‘ marketing automation program that seamlessly integrates with your sales funnel to supply them dynamic automation actions.

Actionetics boasts not only of their capacity to produce and send mails, but is smart enough to be able to be able to bucket, react and behave based on actions funnels installation.


What Can Actionetics Do For You?

With the usage of Actionetics as your marketing automation tool, you will be getting a smooth link between your advertising and marketing and promotion communications as well as your funnels.

Imagine not needing to subscribe to other email automation solutions which will, in turn, allow you to eliminate intimidating tasks such as importing contacts accumulated from the funnels into a 3rd party email tool, segmenting your email lists individually, or trying to integrate your 3rd party program to your own sales funnel tool.

What makes Actionetics amazing is that this can work effortlessly with ClickFunnels since this is a built-in platform. Email Marketing Software Open Rates

It means that marketers will find the opportunity to eliminate the rest of the marketing automation instruments and just upgrade their subscription in ClickFunels to get Actionetics in addition to all of the amazing features that include it.

Why is being integrated with ClickFunnels cool?

Well, consider having the ability to communicate and engage with your prospects and clients through your own pages and funnels all at precisely the same moment. It’s possible to take your engagement with your customer.


User Interface and Support

Actionetics’ boasts of a user friendly User Interface (UI) that beginners will find it effortless to use.

Unlike several other programs in the business…

Users that are not tech savvy will still find Actionetics is exactly like a walk in the park with the ClickFunnels’ helpful guides and their support is always on standby to answer any questions.

One of the greatest areas of Actionetics is that the power in its own simplicity. Having the ability to build complex automation in Actionetics while also having the ability to find out the system easily and quickly.


Personalization and Automation

Why is Actionetics stand out among the rest of the email automation applications is the fact that it lets you create auto-responders and broadcast emails, but in addition, it lets you incorporate with a package of tools to customize the journey a customer or subscriber takes on your own funnel on the fly. Email Marketing Software Open Rates

What do we mean by this?

Well, your funnel becomes clever enough to form people as they make decisions through your funnel.

Add to this the capability to study and examine your customers according to their social networking preferences, their behaviours on your funnels, their purchases through your funnels, etc and you’ve got a chest filled with advice to let you create marketing content targeted to target clients according to their needs and activities.

Since the advertising business goes increasingly more towards segmentation, Actionetics is the complete alternative.

If you would like to find out more I recommend that you check this ClickFunnels Actionetics Guide.

Or you could watch the video below to get more insights.

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