Still wondering why you will need to think about using ClickFunnels in your company? And trying to discover the best funnel and website examples? Within this article, I’d like to share an illustration of some websites and funnels that are created inside ClickFunnels as well as a multiple FREE funnel templates that you could use.Example Sales Funnels

All these funnel cases are the specific funnels which Russell Brunson’s (ClickFunnels CEO) uses, and currently generating over three hundred million dollars revenue for ClickFunnels.

You are able to check each of these funnels, and see it for yourself to determine how powerful this funnel and potentially get some idea to start implementing it into your business. Example Sales Funnels

So let’s dive in..


FREE Book Funnels:

Giving a free book is an extremely powerful marketing technique utilized by many experienced marketers to build their own list and put themselves as a expert at the exact same time, you’ll see that many top professionals marketers will do free book give away as a way to find high-quality prospects.Example Sales Funnels

Here are a Handful examples of Russell’s FREE Book Funnels:



Webinar Funnels:

Using Webinar funnel is a really common marketing tool that can build trust and it is the most effective tool if you are an entrepreneur that sells a high-ticket product.Example Sales Funnels

People now days tend to purchase a high-ticket product only if they convinced and aware that the item will be beneficial for their business, And also the conversion rate of a webinar funnel is a whole lot greater than a typical sales page.

Here are some of examples of the webinar funnel that Russell’s utilizes:



Opt-in Page FunnelsExample Sales Funnels

Besides free book giveaway funnel, many entrepreneurs also use opt-in page they don’t really generally give away a free book, however they also give free reports, guide, cheatsheet etc. in exchange for all those emails of their potential clients.

Here are some of the Samples of opt-in page funnel:



Product Launch Funnels:

A lot of entrepreneurs using product launching funnels to promote their product and services, as It builds more excitement and curiosity prior to the item formally launch.Example Sales Funnels

Here are some of the examples of a product launch funnel:



Order Form Funnel

As you already know, order form will affect your conversion speed a good deal!

By using a professional looking order form on your funnel will build more customers increasing the order worth and trusts and consequently will resulting in a profit for your effort.

Here is one of an example of a good order form page:



Now you’ve seen some examples of Russell Bruson’s funnels, let’s get to the list of templates that you could use at no cost.

So, as I’m certain that you probably already know that ClickFunnels comes with heaps of sales funnel templates from opt-in page to webinar registrations…

But, It is crucial not to use the very same funnels that EVERYONE in ClickFunnels is presently using within their market – that’s why a range of the more templates can yield better overall results.

Furthermore, I would recommend that you check out this list too.

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