Most entrepreneurs would feel that to drive tons of visitors to their funnels , they will need to spend a lot of money on advertisements regardless of how amazing their funnel, marketing sales copy and also their product is.

Marketing your products and selling them will not necessarily mean you need a massive budget in order to see ROI and gains.

A excellent example of advertising without needing to invest a lot is through affiliate marketing.

It is a kind of marketing where affiliates earn commissions based on the amount of conversion to sales.


Why you may need an Affiliate Program for your product/service?

Since affiliate marketing is a performance-based Kind of Promotion, You simply get to pay for conversions that are successful.

As opposed to advertising in which you pay irrespective of conversion for impressions or clicks .

Affiliate Marketing also Offers a Couple of advantages Making it a point of Attention for marketers

  • It makes it possible to save on advertising cost as your affiliates will do the advertising for you.
  • It pushes a large volume of traffic into your website or funnel because it lets you tap into your affiliates’ markets.

It is best to be certain it is introduced via a system that already has everything they want such as the ability to track their progress and earnings Since affiliate advertising relies to promote and sell your products or services. How To Choose The Best Crm

This is the area where ClickFunnels Backpack comes in.


ClickFunnels Backpack

Backpack is ClickFunnels’ affiliate advertising management platform that’s a native application like Actionetics.

Because it’s native to ClickFunnels itself, you’ll find that your affiliate advertising works seamlessly with your funnels permitting you to have the capability to build and design your funnels, set up your affiliate program, incorporate your affiliate application inside the funnel and set up your email automation for advertising purposes. How To Choose The Best Crm


User Interface

Like Actionetics or any ClickFunnels product, Backpack Comes with a user friendly interface. This means non-tech savvy customers and tech savvy alike will find Backpack very easy to use and navigate. It gives users the chance to make themselves familiar with the functions and features quickly.

With guides that are easy to understand and time-efficient processes , You’ll spend less time on the setting up procedure , and you’ll have more time on developing your own affiliates. How To Choose The Best Crm


The only way you can get access to Backpack is to update your ClickFunnels subscription into the Etison Suite plan at $297/month, it includes the package of tools from ClickFunnels including Actionetics.

Note that you can’t buy Backpack separately from Actionetics. Both tools come as a offer for the update. This allows you to incorporate your affiliate marketing with marketing automation to your funnels. How To Choose The Best Crm

Backpack is a super affiliate control platform and even more so when combined together with Actionetics; so that you get to manage your affiliate advertising but additionally enable email automation.

And if you want to learn more about Backpack, I strongly advise you to check this ClickFunnels Backpack tutorial.

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