With numerous marketing tools out there… it is difficult for most real estate agents to select which ones to use.Real Estate Marketing Tools Free

There’s 1 instrument that you need consider to invest in.




Given that ClickFunnels has mainly been a tool for internet marketers, I would not be surprised in case you haven’t heard of it.

But, it’s quickly becoming a very strong instrument in the marketplace for all kinds of businesses.


ClickFunnels & Real Estate Agents Real Estate Marketing Tools Free

Let’s take a look at a few of the things real estate agents/brokerages can do with ClickFunnels.


  • Easily Build Landing Pages

ClickFunnels includes a powerful feature called drag and drop landing page builder. Among the best out there. In my view — much better than what you get with LeadPages.

The user-friendly interface ensures that your learning curve is just as short as possible. In fact, the coaching videos are just about 20 minutes in total(!)

It means that you may finally get landing up pages to your listings, market report PDF etc.. Quickly, and without having to understand code and all of those techy things.


  • Capture and Send Leads to Your CRM

Another problem for the majority of brokers hoping to advertise online is figuring out a way to connect all the pieces.

What applications or plugin can you use to capture prospects? Do they allow you A/B test to see what landing pages convert leads the best? How can you send prospects for your CRM?

This issue is solved with ClickFunnels one-click integration to a variety of {software|applicatio

You could even check out ClickFunnels’ in-house email marketing and CRM applications Actionetics, and handle your prospects there.


  • Create Text Autoresponders

1 metric I like to touch on a lot is Lead-response time, Converting online property leads can be a lot of work.

Leads are almost 10 times more likely to Convert to an actual contact (phone, email, text) when they’re contacted within five minutes of filling out their information.
And since 99 percent of texts have been opened (email Open rates are a lot lower), why not have a text Autoresponder.

ClickFunnels makes this possible with Their integration with Twilio.


  • Send Email Drip Campaigns

Another important part of the puzzle for property agents is direct nurturing…

The problem is , actually making sure to reach out and continue to nurture leads is time-consuming and complicated.

This is the area where good marketing automation like drip campaigns come in to save the day.

Using Actionetics you can also install email drip campaigns, which may be utilized to educate leads to your own services and foster them for the sale.


  • Easily “Upsell” Leads

When creating landing pages in ClickFunnels, it is possible to create call-to-action after leads opt-in.

For instance… If you set up a landing page for a free vendor guide, you could create a thank you page with a CTA such as:

“Would you like a complimentary personalized home appraisal?”

You can see an example of a free seller manual funnel here.

Or say somebody just went to a landing page and signed up for an open house, you can hit them with a CTA like”

“Are you a current homeowner? If so, who are going to list your home with when you purchase? Let’s talk before the open house!”

All this is quite easy using ClickFunnels. Much better than other applications on the market (especially for the price).Real Estate Marketing Tools Free


Final Thoughts

If you are trying to improve your lead generation, nurturing and closing, there is no better instrument than ClickFunnels.

It helps you save you a lot of time and receive better campaigns setup.

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