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Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration – Integrate ClickFunnels With Hundreds Of Third-Party Apps With Zapier!

Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration – Integrate ClickFunnels With Hundreds Of Third-Party Apps With Zapier!

It can be frustrating having your “marketing stack” to play fine when all you want to do is concentrate on building a high converting sales funnel that will bring you a good ROI.Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration

That is the reason why ClickFunnels were proud to announce that the official integration with Zapier across the full ClickFunnels platform!


Now, What Is Zapier?

Zapier is your “in between” instrument which works to link your digital tools and permit them to play nice together. Zapier incorporates over 500 other internet software (a enormous volume!) . Zapier is ideal for linking your internet applications, making them work seamlessly and Assessing your workflows so that you can concentrate on the significant work (and eliminate the hassle on your business).

I am sure that you’ve experienced working with a couple amazing tools, merely to understand that you can’t integrate them with your favorite app! Well, Zapier made certain this problem was handled and have brought together a terrific solution.


Why ClickFunnels Integrates With Zapier?Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration

ClickFunnels has officially integrated with Zapier to supply you complete flexibility along with your sales funnel. This signifies is it’s opened up the floodgates to plenty of integrations which ClickFunnels has not incorporated with yet so it is possible to begin building a sales funnel with no hassles.

Therefore, while ClickFunnels don’t officially incorporate directly with programs like Trello, now you can have them work nicely through the Zapier platform.


Here’s the list of This platform that can be integrated to ClickFunnels via Zapier:

And the list continues, you can see more of the platform list here…


So what sort of job can you create zapier?

Great question, here’s a good example of how you can use zapier using ClickFunnels:

  • Send Gmail messages once new contacts are added to ClickFunnels
  • Insert new ClickFunnels orders to Google Sheets
  • Add or upgrade ActiveCampaign contacts from new activity in ClickFunnels contacts
  • Create or update Infusionsoft contacts using fresh contact activity on ClickFunnels
  • Subscribe or update new ClickFunnels contacts into a Burst SMS list
  • Enroll new customers in Teachable whenever they make an order through your ClickFunnels
  • Produce Asana jobs from ClickFunnel buys
  • Send Telephone Loop SMS messages into fresh ClickFunnels clients

And there’s a lot more of what can you do using zapier, you may see the full list hereShopify And ClickFunnels Integration


What Are Some Common Use Cases?

So in regards to building out a sales funnel ClickFunnels, you have the ability to build some sort of funnel you heart desires.

However, just to show you the strength of the integration, then here are 3 unique approaches which you could utilize Zapier and ClickFunnels to make some magical in your business!



  • Supporting Your Sales Team With Leads and Powerful Followup

Let’s say you are building a high ticket funnel (you are wanting to sell people into a expensive program) that requires you to get on the telephone with your lead.

Initially, you could end up driving a traffic source such as Facebook, or Google advertisements to your opt-in page assembled in ClickFunnels, which then stores your contact’s information.

Once that is accomplished, your integration with Zapier can then send your lead’s information to SalesForce (certainly one of the CRMs backed by Zapier) where your sales team is going to be notified of this new contact being inserted into the workflow.Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration

On the thank you page of the opt-in page, you will also have the capability to request the lead’s cellular number, once this is done, you can use Zapier to zap CallLoop to send that contact with a recorded message thanking them for applying to your 1 to 1 consultation or plan session. This creates some terrific connection with your potential client before getting on the call.

You may even send them an SMS and Email follow up ahead of your appointment period so that they’re reminded about the telephone in addition to building their excitement. These measures increase engagement with your potential customer and lead to greater conversions in your sales funnel.



  • Sending Orders To Your Fulfilment House and Mail Notification

If you are a vendor of physical products, you’re going to be somewhat familiar with the frequent issue of needing to manually send customer buy information from ClickFunnels for a fulfillment warehouse. Typically you may have to go in yourself or provide access to your accounts so they can go in there and do it for you (not exactly perfect!). Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration

With Zapier integration, then you can zap your information across to some Google Sheet, therefore, it makes a new row for each and every purchase made which you’ll be able to share with your fulfillment warehouse.

This means that you no longer need to be worried about providing them access to some portion of your ClickFunnels operations or consider employing a helper to control the process. Taking this one step farther, you can then create the logic accordingly if your fulfillment house has sent the orders as requested, you automatically get an email notification based on the actions that have taken place from the Google Sheet.

This really is a really straightforward and streamlined method to handle the operations of your physical products selling action.



  • Building Out Funnels For Your Shopify Products

Do you run a Shopify store? Perhaps you’ve wished ClickFunnels had an integration with it? Nicely with Zapier, today it can be done quite easily!

Among the most powerful strategy to sell your products from an eCommerce shop is using sales funnels (but you know that) however until now it’s been quite tricky to sell products out of your eCommerce store and connect it using Shopify.

That is a rather first in the business and a bridge has been produced between eCommerce and sales funnels directly, it opens up the doors to great innovations. Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration



What Does This Mean For You?

Well, what it implies, it opens 1,000+ new doors. Together with Zapier’s extensive integrations listing, you will finally have the capability to automate and make an extremely functional sales funnel like never before. With competitors lagging behind, ClickFunnels is steamrolling forward letting you build funnels without having to worry about technical difficulties. . .

because nobody enjoys those right?

Take some time to experience the listing of integrations at Zapier and start mapping your next sales funnel.

Watch the video below to view how the integration setup

And in just in case you aren’t a ClickFunnels user, then I would strongly advise to try it. Because they offer a completely free 14-DAY TRIAL, and there’s no contract or anything like that it’s completely risk-free. Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration

For everybody that using my referral link above or below to sign up to ClickFunnels, I’m giving out my $997 HIGH-VALUE BONUS at No Cost, where the bonus includes:

  • ClickFunnels Power Course
  • SEO Traffic Course
  • 3 Social Media Traffic Training
  • Done For You High-Converting Funnels

So that you can use all of this BONUS to quickly create a converting sales funnel, push the right traffic for your business and kickstart your success by ClickFunnels.





Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration – Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About ClickFunnels And Shopify.

Let us talk through a different marketing tool discussion that is digital. There are a number of Clickfunnel choices. This time, let us concentrate on Clickfunnels vs Shopify. These are just two well-known parts of online software for e-commerce. It is vital to be sure you invest in the perfect one for your business.

In certain respects, they both have equally useful distinct functions, so that you can use them for different purposes or even better you could easily integrate both for optimizing your store’s conversion rate.

For the time being, let’s look at the characteristics they offer and maybe try to come to a decision as to which one is the best for you…

Keep reading on this ClickFunnels vs Shopify competition.



What features does ClickFunnels provide?

Let us start with what we all know (and love), on the left side of the Clickfunnels vs Shopify discussion. ClickFunnels offer a range of marketing funnel templates which are tried and tested. There’s so nearly a guarantee that by using the templates, your conversion prices will be increased.

You will find funnels available to suit almost any business you are selling. For products that are physical, for example, classes, memberships, services or perhaps webinars.

The advantage of Clickfunnels is the ease with. The resources are suitable for anyone, no matter how much experience with business or technology you might have. Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration

So, if you are new to the sales or advertising world, ClickFunnels is ideal. Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration

In addition to being easy peasy to use and suitable for a range of businesses, Clickfunnels will get you results. Online shops that are typical display their products largely in a casual, if you would like, purchase, kind of way. There is normally an attractive image alongside a description. Clickfunnels go beyond and above this. Alongside what might be considered a sales pitch each landing page shows that your product or service. They comprise an picture or a video to really make the customer believe they’re getting an amazing deal.

As well as selling rather than displaying, Clickfunnels provide visitors one choice. There’s 1 button on each page, where customers can enter their details to receive the offer or depart the page. This differs from shops like Shopify where the pages have a number of distractions, which affect your conversion rates. For this reason, we would recommend Clickfunnels for any type of e-commerce… if you want guaranteed results in your marketing efforts. Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration

To further our lefty stance on the ClickFunnels vs Shopify discussion, ClickFunnels also give an email marketing feature named Actionetics.

Because of people having to input their email addresses to get your offer, you will likely collecting a lot of email contact list.

Now, with ClickFunnels Actionetics you can easily create email marketing campaigns where you’re able to set people into demographics or go even farther. It follows that when people get your advertising emails that they will be more personal. If people feel like an effort was made on your behalf they’re a lot more likely to purchase.


Pros and cons of ClickFunnels



  • Upsell, downsell, upsell some more… 

Clickfunnels allows you to retarget your email list several times with numerous bargains, whether this downselling or become upselling. You might contact folks with arrange bumps, one time offers and much more. This is not a choice on other e-commerce websites like Shopify. Clickfunnels even permits you to further upsell a product when a customer declines your initial offer.

1 feature which has proven to be successful for most e-commerce entreprenuers who use ClickFunnels is ‘product lumps’. It’s possible to place an alternative for customers to bring an extra product .

Let’s say 60% of your clients are take the upsell, you will be making more revenue and producing a better ROI for your effort, so that your business is profitable!


  • Customize… or not.

In addition to offering templates Clickfunnels enables customisation. Shopify includes a set sequence type, whereas Clickfunnels lets you make your order form seem exactly how you would like it.

A good looking order form page will raise the clients trust and thus will optimize your sales and also your conversion rate.

Despite supplying you the choice to personalize your sales funnels, email and advertising and marketing campaigns, there are times when you can be lazy too. Using ClickFunnels extensive variety of readymade templates, you can just simply add your own articles, images, and videos in case you prefer to use the pre-built high-converting sales funnel templates out of ClickFunnels.


  • Affiliate marketing program.

Something Clickfunnels provides which Shopify does not is the option to create money. Together with Clickfunnels, you can make commission from any Clickfunnels product new or sold paying sign-up.

The app works using their “sticky cookie” attribute. Once your funnel was clicked, then the visitors pick sign-up or purchase any ClickFunnels product, ClickFunnels will give you 40% commission to the additional purchase or sign-up activity by a customer.


In addition to earning commission via the marketing of Clickfunnels, you may create your own affiliate programs. This means you basically have your team promoting your merchandise. Seems like a win-win situation!


  • CRM system.

Clickfunnels are renowned for their monitoring system. You’re able to view customers’ email and social profiles, demographics, merchandise purchases, money spent and more. This allows you to set your email lists based on a massive range of consumer characteristics

Meaning your campaigns will be more personalised and thus increase conversion prices. Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration

Clickfunnels ”action funnels” allow you to automate the procedure of group your email lists depending on your criteria. Your whole marketing campaigns sent out without you lifting a finger and are organized!


  • Price.

One of the main things that might make folks second-guess using Clickfunnels is their price. Signing up for the basic bundle will still cost you $97 per month.

If you are an established or expanding Company, this should Not put you off.

Their marketing funnels and effective follow-up email marketing tool are used by many big names and have had success all around the world. If you see it as though you are investing in a tool that will turn into a component on your advertising and marketing plan, the price looks reasonable Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration


  • Community.

1 place that Clickfunnels could be critiqued is its sense of community. Due to it is popular among businesses small and big, the size of this community has grown along with it. On the flip side, this is great as it means that your creations are protected and Clickfunnels is unlikely to vanish at any stage in the long run. But, it also means you will have less access to support and advice. Clickfunnels is run and used by a lot of big names in the industry, Russell Brunson being among them.

We would not advise you to allow this put you off though, as there is lots of Clickfunnels help on the market. Russell Brunson uploads YouTube videos that are regular marketing funnel hints and offering entrepreneurial. Additionally, there is a’live chat’ feature on the Clickfunnels site if you are in a problem that requires immediate aid. Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration




What features does Shopify provide?

Shopify is just another online tool used by quite a few names for e-commerce, including Budweiser and KKW Beauty. Their earnings strategy is different to Clickfunnels and has been found to be effective. Whereas Clickfunnels promote their products using images and text, Shopify does convince visitors to purchase.

We recommend Shopify as applications if you would like to create an internet store with a range of merchandise or services to utilize. There is a selection of topics on offer along with the online store builder. You can, choose and integrate the theme to suit your brand.

Additionally, if your business delivers a physical product, there’s an online inventory management system that keeps track of your stock. This takes the burden of having to be worried about how much stock you have to suit the need. Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration

There is a content management program, as well as letting you manage the stock of your products. This permits you to make a blog and keep on top of articles to ensure your website is current and fresh. Having a website is a superb way to improve positions or stay in position!


Pros and cons of Shopify


  • Simple to use.

One benefit of Shopify is it is straightforward to use. The attributes do not require you to be tech-savvy at all. Like Clickfunnels, the site builder application utilizes a drag and drop mechanism. It’s good to not have to invest time in wrapping your head around the program, if you’re busy.

On the other hand however, to use Shopify you do need a specific extent of knowledge or experience. The software provides you with the tools, but in case you have you’ll be stuck. It is no use! Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration


  • Exclusive shipping rates and payment gateway.

One way Shopify excels at the Clickfunnels vs Shopify debate is with its shipping and payment gateway. Shopify work with a number of transport companies that are big, including DHL, UPS and USPS. They have shipping rates which you and your customers can benefit from by using your products to be sold by Shopify.

They have an integrated payment processor. Shopify accepts payments from all significant card companies like Mastercard, Visa as well as American Express, in addition to over 50 online payment gateways like PayPal.


  • Great community.

Also has a great online community, meaning you can find answers quickly. A quick Google will be very likely to give you! This is likely better for smaller businesses, that are currently trying to profit from the experience of others. Clickfunnels falls down in this respect by not providing an interactive community.



  • Lower conversion rates.

One area that Shopify was proven to struggle is with their conversion prices. It is not effective to promote your products Even though the software is for creating stores, very good. Shopify is beginning to convert less. Clickfunnels is the popular instrument people are using to get around this. Where Shopify struggles, Clickfunnels makes up for it’in your face’ sales funnels. Why don’t you use both?


  • Extra costs.

Concerning the pricing element of this Clickfunnels vs Shopify debate, neither is a definite winner. For access and a Shopify membership for their attributes it’s $79 a month — only approximately than Clickfunnels. A downside of this is the way to get add-ons that help to improve conversion rates, like a voucher countdown timer, you’ve got to pay extra. This is different to Clickfunnels in which a normal package gets you access to some sales funnel as well as their affiliate program. Shopify can not promise this to you if you would prefer to put money into a tool not have to worry about any extra costs cropping up. Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration


  • Doesn’t obtain details.

Another downfall of Shopify in comparison to Clickfunnels… Shopify doesn’t necessarily obtain email addresses. Clickfunnels doesn’t allow people to gain from their deals. This means that your business would be missing out with Shopify on marketing opportunities. Clickfunnels allows you to retarget customers multiple times with followup deals, which is effective. Shopify only obtains people’s’ email addresses when there is a pop-up, for example’input your email address for 10′. This is occasionally powerful but nevertheless gives choices to people and allows the pop-up to close and continue browsing if they wish. Clickfunnels likely has higher conversion prices as people have to input their details or they don’t get the deal.


Pricing Comparison



Shopify is more affordable than Clickfunnels and provides more pricing bundle options. Using the basic membership you can start off with Shopify. This differs to Clickfunnels where the lowest priced membership remains $97 per month.

Despite this, if you’re an established business and know you’ll need full access to attributes it will cost you $79 a month, which is only around $20 less than Clickfunnels… With the two pieces of applications being similar in cost, you might also invest in the one you think suits your requirements the best. Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration

We believe Clickfunnels is recommendable if you’re planning to expand. The conversion rates of shopify are just not as large more recently with all the popularity and increasing efficacy of marketing funnels.




The Clickfunnels pricing might appear hefty but it includes ensured quality and results. The standard package comes in $97 a month and the Etison Suite package is priced at $297 per month. It’s important to remember that, when taking into account the conversion rates your advertising and marketing funnels will bring, it isn’t costly at all.


Final Thought

Let’s sum up the Clickfunnels vs Shopify debate. The tools are similar in both have track records of success and that they are used by names. Clickfunnels are promoted by because of their direct yet effective method for enhancing sales.

Shopify gets the benefit of enabling you to create a successful online store. Despite us being Clickfunnels users ourselves and understanding the success the program brings… You can use both of these tools for various purposes. Why don’t you use Clickfunnels as your sales mechanism and increase conversion prices? Whilst using Shopify in the back end to benefit from their integration and managing your product inventory? Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration

A final thing to keep in mind when picking an e-commerce software, Both Shopify and Clickfunnels offer free trials, and that means you can try out them both before deciding which one is most appropriate for your business. Shopify And ClickFunnels Integration


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