Squeeze pages, landing pages, sales pages — Gosh! If you are feeling lost at a world of marketing “phrases” we are here in order to save You and get you on the right track. What Does Squeeze Page Mean

Whether you are selling books, software, solutions or other things and you would like to acquire more customers, you need more prospects, then using a good squeeze page on your marketing plan is definitely a must!


Now, what is a squeeze page?

A squeeze page can be a type Of landing-page which gives your website visitor only two options

  1. to opt-in to your email listing
  2. or leaves the page

Squeeze pages are Designed with one single objective to acquire the email address of the customer therefore that you can develop your email list. Squeeze pages are successful advertising and advertising tools due to the fact that they enable you convert far more web site visitors into potential customers than with every different sort of landing page.

Whenever You Have the email of the prospect, you’ve got the Chance to nurture the relationship with them through email marketing And finally guide them further onto the sales funnel to Generate a Buy  What Does Squeeze Page Mean


Squeeze page vs Landing page

Knowing The difference involving a landing-page and a squeeze page will help you plan out your advertising strategy to Success. It’s also going to help you plan out the entire lead generation approach. Why? Because there’s a significant gap between those 2 pages.

This is A superb example of a Very Good squeeze page:

This squeeze page has a single offer, which is a downloadable guide on “How to launch your very own squeeze page in just 10 minutes or less” in exchange for a name and email address. It is easy, straight to the point and fuss-free squeeze page. The single objective is always to gather information.

Here is yet another excellent squeeze page example by ClickFunnels creator, Russell Brunson:

Marketing Secrets Blackbook_ClickFunnels

Russell’s Clickfunnels squeeze page is clearly targeted at Business Owners and Advertisers that wish to expand their marketing knowledge. You can tell this because he gets “directly to the point” in his subheading ‘99 Marketing Secrets That Will Change Your Business… And Change Your Life.‘ This ticks the audience curiosity, for sure.

What he does well is generate intrigue around his offering. The black and red colors coupled with the chain and padlock around the book gives the impression this can be a “top secret guide“, and therefore create more interest that leads the viewers to input their email and receive the free book.


What Creates a Thriving squeeze page:What Does Squeeze Page Mean

  • Simplicity.
  • Short copy which gets to the point, instantly!
  • Only a single call to actions button that stands out.


The Landing Page

The Landing page would be the next step in the funnel following a successful squeeze page completion. Those that register up to get a completely absolutely free resource on the squeeze page have been directed further into the marketing funnel.

A good landing page will crack an offer down. “Not a product, but an offer” Every company is competing on price. It’s an on-going battle starting with your maximum price and quickly reducing it to fulfill customer requirement.

An Offer is somewhat different. Consider it for a bundle. So, your entire products, services and resources will be offered together. This will appear incredible to your prospective client. The perceived value will be quite high. When in reality, the price of production on your ending is identical.What Does Squeeze Page Mean

It’s a Surprisingly efficient marketing strategy. Just be sure that you start your funnel using a squeeze page and build up your offering as you go.

Here’s a Really helpful list of comparisons involving the squeeze page and a landing page:



  • Multiple conversion Objectives
  • Hyperlinks to contact pages, third-party and blogs tools.
  • A bundle of products contained as an offer.
  • Usually followed with a Thank You Page or up Sell.

Squeeze Page:

  • Single Conversion goal (email address)
  • Short copy
  • 1 image, and One form.
  • Usually followed By a Thank You Page providing you with additional free support.


So how do you make a fabulous squeeze page for your business?What Does Squeeze Page Mean

A squeeze page is only truly effective if it is performed correctly. Utilizing the following tips, tricks and approaches can help make the absolute most out of a squeeze page.


  • Great Design:

Create a squeeze page with a Great content design. Ensure that you start with a appealing headline to capture attention. Make sure the most critical bit of material is above the fold, but it must also not be content-heavy. Follow this up with the opt-in form. Add keyword-rich content below the fold following the form to go around Google’s kiss for squeeze pages (as they could seem spammy if not properly done).

  • Simple Form:

Make sure the form you use is straightforward and does not ask unnecessary questions. Use minimal form fields (just email is best unless you definitely need their name).

  • Good Visuals:

Use video, and appealing graphics to attract attention, but audio ought to be avoided.

  • Success Story / Social Proof:

include reviews, testimonials, and success stories as this creates trust and people are more likely to sign up.

  • Call-To-Action:

Have a strong call-to-action so that people understand exactly what to do and what they are getting if they sign-up

  • Clear Close Button:

Consistently put in a visible close button since visitors should have the option to leave the page if they don’t want to register.What Does Squeeze Page Mean

One choice is to employ a costly web designer and programmer, the other alternative is to do yourself using free or inexpensive software. Unless you’ve got a large marketing budget, I highly advise using software to make your squeeze pages.

Luckily there are lots of digital tools out there which you can choose to develop a prosperous squeeze webpage. However, to cut all of the intimidating job of looking for the very ideal software applications for building an great squeeze webpage, I am going only to mention two the best squeeze page builder applications available as of today!


1. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is currently the king of sales funnel software (In our opinion). ClickFunnels simplifies the entire sales and marketing funnels for all types of businesses. With ClickFunnels, you do not need any additional tool for running your internet business.

A squeeze page is often leading end of your sales funnel.

The sales funnel takes your prospect farther down the sales journey from collecting their email address with a free offer to sending them to a sales page built for folks to purchase your product or services.

ClickFunnels contains tons of pre-built funnels and web pages you can use to sell whatever you desire. And these funnels comprise sales pages, opt-in forms, checkout pages and also a thank you pages.

There are sales funnels for any type of business, including webinar funnel, memberships sites funnel, product launching funnel, online classes and much more.

These funnels have been A/B tested, that means they are certain to bring you sales! – (Assuming you’ve got an awesome product or service to offer ).


ClickFunnels comes in two pricing plans:

  1. Startup Plan.
  2. Etison Suite.

If you are just getting started, the Startup Plan is amazing, Here Is What you’ll get with the Startup Plan:

  • Access to their pre-built funnels to sell everything. Instantly make a sales funnel, a webinar funnel, opt-in funnel and Much More
  • The capability to personalize or create completely new funnels with their powerful drag and drop builder.What Does Squeeze Page Mean
  • A/B testing feature that lets you create a variation of your pages, forms, and headlines.

Even though the Startup Plan is great, It is the Etison Suite which gives you the very best features. As well as each the features from the Startup Plan, here is what you’ll get with the Etison Suite:

  • No limit on the amount of funnels you’ll be able to create.
  • Unlimited traffic to all of your funnels
  • Unlimited contact
and these 2 powerful ClickFunnels feature
  • Backpack
    a feature that lets you make an affiliate program you can use to spread the word about your product and generate more sales.


  • Actionetics
    a feature that lets you build a completely automated email campaign where different prospects are segmented to distinct lists according to their activities. In addition, you may even send a customized email to each individual email list.

All of these features make Clickfunnels one of the sales funnel and landing page building applications out there.What Does Squeeze Page Mean

The best part is that no other Coding is required, you do not need to be a developer, along with also the onboarding process Is fairly impressive. So you can quickly learn and then set-up your funnels in no time.

ClickFunnels Pricing

Right now, there are Two pricing plans for ClickFunnels:

The Startup Plan (priced at $97), which eases you into the world of funnel marketing together with training and the Etison Suite (priced at $297), which has a range of features and advantages.


2. Instapage


InstaPage is a more robust Landing-page platform which uses a cloud Services And offers more than 100 pre-made landing page templates. It is possible to customize those templates to build any type of landing-page, squeeze page, webinar page, and thank you page.

These pages can be built Very quickly using their design-friendly drag and drop builder. You can also start with a blank template to create your own style. The editor enables you to add sentences, headlines, videos and images, various buttons, different types of forms, and shapes.What Does Squeeze Page Mean

In a few Landing-page Editors you can place elements in certain sections only (in other words, customization is limited), but using InstaPage you have complete freedom with the positioning of items on the web page (full customization). Elements can be layered over each other since you create your own designs and every component can be customized.

In case you are picky about Design, that is a great option as it’s fully customizable.

Features of Instapage:
  • Analytics tool to assess the performance of your webpages.
  • A/B testing results are available in the dashboard.
  • Heatmaps, helping you to optimize monitor visitors and your landing page, to understand how far down the page they scroll and which elements they click.

A new feature included in InstaPage is Instablocks. Some businesses create multiple landing pages, and They need these pages to be more consistent with using common components. With other Landing page builders you have to recreate those elements, but with Instablocks You create the component once and use it again, saving you a lot of time in the event you Want to run divided tests, A/B tests, or create multiple landing pages.What Does Squeeze Page Mean


Instapage Pricing

Instapage now has 2 tiers pricing to pick. The Core Plan is $129 (per month ) and their Enterprise Plan is Customized, Meaning the Enterprise plan pricing will be adjusted according to all of your company needs.



So which one of those funnel building service should you pick?
Instapage and ClickFunnels are now the best landing page and funnel building service on the market.

Here are some of My Own thoughts :

  • In case you had the funds to spent, then you should definitely consider InstaPageA few bucks will get you far and a good deal more than only a high-performance squeezepage.
  • Would you want to get an all-purpose tool? If you’d like a tool to build landing pages, sales funnels and also marketing automation, there’s no better option than ClickFunnels.

Personally, ClickFunnels is still the best landing page and sales funnel building services in the marketplace.

Not only they provide you the all-in-one business instrument, but all the training inside ClickFunnels will teach you precisely how to build a high converting sales funnel, and better still, the training also teaches you how you can be a successful entrepreneur in these digital marketing eras.What Does Squeeze Page Mean

In case you have not signed up for ClickFunnels yet, and you’re interested in signing up your ClickFunnels Accounts.

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Therefore you can use all of this BONUS to quickly develop a converting sales funnel, drive an ideal traffic to your own funnels and kickstart your success with ClickFunnels. What Does Squeeze Page Mean

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